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Have you ever wondered how “Tumbled finish” is achieved? This blog post is about that.

Tumbled also known as “Antique Finish” which rounds off the edges and corners give this very old and antique look to the tiles and we will bring this beauty to your homes. As you know the stones in the seashores they are all rounded. The tumbled finish is actually trying to do the same effect. The randomness of the round off process is matching with the natural stones- marble and travertine tiles random patterns. I have also a video it shows our big bowl-shaped of the tumbling machine.

In this video, I tried to show you how “tumbled finish” is done for marble tiles by using the bowl-shaped tumbled machine. This particular machine creates lots of vibration and with the help of harder stones in the bowl they round off the tiles edges and corners.

The biggest size we can manufacture in this machine is 24″x48″. For 24″x48″ Antalya Limestone you can click on below link

Antalya White Limestone Tile 24″x48″x1/2″ Tumbled

We have also small tumbled tiles 4″x4″, 6″x6″, 3″x6″. Great for backsplashes and showers.

Botticino Cream Marble Tiles Super Light


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